Tue Jun 30 12:08:55 CEST 2009

blink-a-led and non-interactive code

The chip macros depend on "baud".  I've removed these but it will
probably break the rest..

I just tried if this worked:

0 org-begin
: def1 1 2 3 ;
: def2 123 ;

Apparently it does.  I'm surprised.  This is an indicator that I need
to simplify the CFG generator, since I don't think this should work...

Ok, what I think this does is create a single block that cannot be
reallocated.  This is the correct behaviour.  Omitting an org
statement leaves the flash allocation to the compiler (later,
currently it's just concatenated at 0x44 for PIC18 = boot block + jump
over init code).

Fixed dependency on "baud" and "fosc".