Mon Jun 29 23:59:16 CEST 2009

fix PLaneT package

I forgot it's broken.  Just tried install under windows, which works
fine except that it doesn't compile .hex files.

Ok.. I get a strange error building the docs.  Same one that happened
when moving 32 -> 64 bit.   Maybe some files need recompile?

tom@zni:~/staapl/doc/scribblings$ make
scribble --pdf ../../staapl/scribblings/staapl.scrbl
match: no matching clause for #<compiler>
make: *** [staapl.pdf] Error 1

I think this is different versions of structs..  Something wrong with
the paths.

Ok, there's only one proper way I can see to fix this: catch the
"match" error and translate it to an error which prints the current
context somehow.

I've isolated the problem to this:

@section{PIC18 Forth}

planet zwizwa/staapl/pic18/route

: one   1 ;
: two   2 ;
: three 3 ;
: four  4 ;

: interpret-byte
       one . two . three . four ;

It seems to confirm the idea: the code required by the forth statement
re-instantiates the compiler struct..  Let's test that idea again by
adding a print statement near the struct def.

Running just the demo module there is indeed a double instantiation.

module demo.ss (/home/tom/staapl/staapl/pic18/demo.ss)
define-struct compiler
box> (forth> "planet zwizwa/staapl/pic18/route")
define-struct compiler