Fri Jun 5 14:24:05 CEST 2009

is rewriting lowlevel or not?

Funny how the scheme pattern-based rewriting mechanism is considered
highlevel, but if you try to use it to do anything complicated you
miss composition.  Essentially, you're using a low-level machine
without procedure calls.

Then what is called lowlevel macros in scheme (those that get their
hands dirty with manipulating syntax as data) do have composition so
comprise a highlevel machine.

They are something like different local projections of the space of
composition of programming methods.  The thing is: the human brain (at
least mine) has trouble juggling multiple orthogonal abstractions, so
languages usually tend to limit the number.  However, expressive power
is related to the number of abstractions you can multiply.

This is a basic idea in math, and maybe is the biggest reason why i am
not a mathematician: i need to keep my feet in the mud: i'm not
willing to lift feet off the ground to be able to fill my head with
abstractions.  I want to _see_ what they do.