Thu Jun 4 20:25:01 CEST 2009


Objective has changed.  The Staapler is no longer a PIC programmer,
but a serial <-> network interface to distribute the monitor protocol
to different chips.

The current architecture has a 18F1320 which should be adequate.

No.. It doesn't have xtals..

Let's take a comfortable 18F2620 @ 40 Mhz.

Let's bootstrap this incrementally, just like one would do in an
experimental setup.

The setup is pk2 connected to staapler.

Is it possible to use the pk2 to program other chips, with staapler
acting as a router?

I'm sort of back to square one here.. For convenience I got rid of
bootloaders, at least i got rid of "standard" bootloaders.  It's
simpler to always start from scratch, and the monitor code just
doesn't seem to stabilize..  Plus you have full control over the boot
block without chance to mess up.

Because routing the programmer signal is less trivial I
might have to go back to bootloaders for multi-PIC experiments.

Is that so?  The problem is that 12/14 bit non-self programmable PICs
are impossible to use then..  The first task would be to shield the
staapler from the program signal.  This could be done using a passive
switch.  To route the programming would require active switches.

Hmm.. i'm lost already.  Too many ill-specified conflicting
requirements..  KISS.  PIC18 only.  No programmer routing, unless for
all-equal code.

What about this: start with multi-PIC projects where code is the same
so PICS can be driven in lock-step. (SIMP ;)