Wed Jun 3 16:34:38 CEST 2009

simpler debugging

Some things that need to be figured out:

  - profiling.  Why is loading the (compiled) image so slow?  Is it
    really the scat vm?

  - find a proper way to recover from chip lockup.  Currently it will
    exit the app after "cold" fails (relic from pk2 external reset).
    -> fixed: won't exit now.

  - give up on dictionary as "top" files.  it hurts composition
    (frameworks don't work for debugging: you want top control to
    script things) maybe do this: when generating a .dict also
    generate a .live file which simply loads the .dict file.  the user
    can then use this file to add debug commands, and it could be used
    to add a sandbox etc..

  - figure out a simple way to make the disassembler display the right
    addresses.  currently it interprets everything as code addresses.