Sun May 31 20:12:45 CEST 2009

buffered compile working

In the end it turned out to be simple, with the right primitives.
However, to get there I had to tone down my enthousiasm..  The only
way to write lowlevel Forth is this:

  - write primitives for your problem
  - test the primitivies
  - write the high-level code

Even for the simplest problems (like moving a buffer from ram to flash
after extending its bounds) it pays off to leave the muddy waters of
low level machine state as soon as possible.  But inevitably this step
has to be performed.  The testing is what makes this all work.  If it
wasn't so easy to compile a word and test it, working like this would
be quite difficult..

Once the primitives were right, the stuff on top was really obvious.