Sun May 31 08:51:21 CEST 2009

This week

With the interaction problems fixed, it's time to get the usb driver
going.  This has been the subject of procrastination for far too long.

Let's start with this idea of Forth, explained in the LtU thread i
quoted in the previous post: build a state machine that can solve your
problem, and violate locality where necessary (imposed co-operation).

Basicly this is component based design.  Electronics.  Forth is about
writing code as you would write hardware: the finiteness is central to
the idea.  Singletons with interfaces.

On the theory side, it's important to start acknowledging the
difference between concatenative macros and prefix parsers.

So, goals for this week:
  - main: usb driver
  - on the side: target -> host rpc