Thu May 28 14:40:31 CEST 2009


 - scripts
 - require on command line
 - arbitrary code compilation on command line (1)
 - variables crash

(1) This is best done by interpreting ':' as a switch to compile mode
for the rest of the line.  It needs a special prefix parser.  Problem
is: this is not composable (you can't do anthing _after_ compiling the
code), so it probably needs a continuation hook to be able to build
stuff on top.  Let's define the "compile" word to take another macro
as continuation.

compile commit . . . .

Ha I worked myself into a corner here..  How to call Scheme code from
a macro?  It's probably better to do it in two steps.

I made some abstractions:
  - slurp the rest of the line:
      slurp receiver code ...  -> receiver (code ...)
  - perform side effects wrapped as scat functions
    for calling (eval '(forth-compile-tokens c))
  - switch to compile mode for a limited number of words
    for variable, 2variable, require, ...
  - switch to compile mode for the rest of the line

All compile mode switches immediately upload code.