Sat May 23 16:45:52 CEST 2009

the monitor

I'd like to put the monitor code in a module, but it needs to be
parameterized by read and write.  However, this code is not critical
in any way so let's turn read/write into dynamic variables.

With vectors in ram, this looses a bit of robustness.  But nothing
a reset can't fix.  Also, the kernel size will grow so it won't fit in
the 512 bytes any more..  This isn't such a problem either since I'm
giving up on programmer-less operation for small devices.  Maybe for
the usb sticks later, but they have bigger protected boot blocks.

ok, i messed up the current code: i thought i was testing it but
forgot to upload.. so it was still running old.  stupid...

there's a problem: "org" doesn't work properly with the way modules
generate code.

this can be turning boot.f into a module too, to make sure it gets
instantiated first.

so.. this doesnt work..

org = side effect = not compatible with non-sequential load