Mon May 4 12:50:27 CEST 2009

making all examples compile

Works well upto the synth.  Apart from some undefined symbols I run
into a problem with 'variable' which needs 'allot'.

geo-seq : this metaprogrammed word could probably be included properly
once require/load is working.

problem here is name binding though.. solved now with parameterizing
the macro:

  planet zwizwa/staapl/pic18/geo
  : geo-seq ' ,, compile-geo-seq ;

This does mess up the load path so need to fix that now.

Ok. At least fixed for all 'require statements that come _before_
'load statements.  Maybe 'load should be re-implemented to use a
serializable decent structure.  Otoh: 'load performs re-entering the
parser so maybe not such a good idea.  It might be simpler to use
explicit stacks.