Sun May 3 19:01:02 CEST 2009


Simplified it:

   - the file needs to be a module, which means it knows its own
     language and can be a scheme module which exports binary code.

     the most important change is that a module can now be compiled
     before it is instantiated: enabling static checks (like
     identifier bindings) to happen at this stage.  this solves the
     problem of not knowing where undefined identifiers are

   - no more connection to the programmer or device.  staaplc is
     offline only.  all the live code is in staapl/live.ss

   - some reflection issues : solved
   - simulation : fixed (problem with exporting base language namespace)
   - disassembler : mostly fixed (just add byte addressing)
   - macro evaluater start state

disassembler needs to be coupled to the _instance_ of the assembler.
currently only the forms get built together.  maybe the disassembler
form should be a curried exprssion that can produce the disassembler.