Sun May 3 09:06:05 CEST 2009

what is a .fm ?

In other words: should it already export compiled code or leave that
to the loader?

I'm in favour of keeping modules at the macro level, and leaving
instantiation to the client.

But first:
    * instantiation checks
    * staaplc

Ok. After fixing bug instantiation works for the 452-40.f example.
Not checked yet if it produces the same code as before.

So.. A forth module.  How to make it more declarative.

The problem with the global state is that multiple modules will use it
to attach to.  I'd like to get rid of this final bit of state.


  - If modules are made to export a symbol, this will clash.
  - If 2 modules use a 3rd, how will instantiation work?

The latter is probably the key: as long as code is not doubly
instantiated we're ok.

Fixed some bugs, now it's clear to me how it should work:  it's ok to
instantiate code on require, as long as
            * the original postponed macro stack is left intact
            * the cfg's are collected in sequence

Instantiator can get at the code by requiring the correct module.