Fri May 1 12:27:04 CEST 2009

expand-to-top-form again

I suspect I have another problem with expand-to-top-form..  The
identifier 'new-lambda' shows up in a place i don't understand.  It's
not one of mine.

In the PLT code i find this:

tom@zzz:/plt/collects$ grep -Ire 'new-lambda' *
scheme/private/kw.ss:  (#%provide new-lambda new-λ
scheme/private/kw.ss:  (define-syntaxes (new-lambda new-λ)
scheme/private/kw.ss:    (let ([new-lambda
scheme/private/kw.ss:      (values new-lambda new-lambda)))
scheme/private/kw.ss:                  (normalize-definition stx #'new-lambda #t #t)])
scheme/private/pre-base.ss:             (rename new-lambda lambda)

Ok. After restoring the old ns-tx all works fine.