Wed Apr 29 19:26:34 CEST 2009

namespaces are properties

Actually it's much more reasonable to use the namspaces like this:

 (ns (op addwf info))   ;; compile time information
 (ns (op addwf ?))      ;; run time predicate
 (ns (op addwf asm))    ;; run time semantics
 (ns (op addwf dasm))   ;; inverse of semantics

Then they ring like properties of addwf.

There's a complication though: current implementation takes the
lexical context from the last element, so this won't work without
extra syntax to indicate from what context you want to pick a

So it becomes:

  (op info addwf)
  (op ?    addwf)
  (op asm  addwf)
  (op dasm addwf)

(Note: row store vs. column store)