Mon Apr 27 18:52:17 CEST 2009

fixing pic18 forth parsing

next: need to fix the parser to make embedding toplevel scheme
expressions work, and allow some state to be maintained during

actually.. it's not that incredibly difficult: just add semantics to
the name -> this gives how it should be defined.  toplevel forms can
then just be added as anonymous definers.

or better yet, simply use a list of macros, which means the form can
be executed immediately once it is done.

  i.e. (register-rpn name rpn-lambda code ...)

to make require forms work better, they could be expanded in-line.

Let's forget about arbitrary scheme forms, but let's have a good look
at how require can be made to import syntax.

The problem uptil now has always been that while it was possible to
add require forms in the module body, the forth syntax would already
be completely expanded before these require forms could introduce new

What is necessary: whenever a 'require form is encountered, that
module should be instantiated such that it's syntax bindings are

Anyways.  Let's first make sure that a dictionary can be expanded to
any kind of top-level form.

Ok.  For 'rpn-begin the dictionary compiler is just 'begin, so any
expression can be inserted.

Let's fix this first for scheme forms.