Thu Apr 23 17:00:58 CEST 2009


first i need to get the full code gen + tests back online, then it's
time to cleanup the CFG compiler.

had to fix 'org and introduced machine^ containing cell size.

;; This is for printing only..  Maybe keep the parameters?  Otoh,
;; there should be a simple way to do this properly too: fill in these
;; params deeper in the code..
(target-code-unit 2) ;; a code word is 2 bytes
(target-code-bits 16)
(target-address-size 24)

lets see if we can get the test to run

next problem: forth-begin-tx.ss depends on the compiler through the
wrap-macro/... functions.  the reason is that forth-begin contains

this probably needs an extra interface.

ok.. i got it i think..

next: postprocessing.

OK works.