Wed Apr 22 16:49:35 CEST 2009

parameterized control compiler

control.ss is parameterized by the code's control graph
representation.  in the current version there is either a flat
assembler list, or a control flow graph structure.

these come from the implementation of "sym" and "label:"

It's time to parameterize these into a unit.

procedure application: expected procedure, given: #<set!-transformer>; arguments were: #<syntax:/data/safe/tom/darcs/brood-5/staapl/control/control.ss:133:5> #<expression>

Looks like this interferes with the procedure? predicate used in the
rpn parser..

OK.  ignoring set!-transformer?

Units seem to work now too.

Next : what is purrr.ss ?

hmm... it's confusing.

  - i'd like to be able to use the pic18 compiler without the baggage
    of the CFG, so it needs to be a unit too?