Wed Apr 22 14:24:04 CEST 2009

hierarchical language

So.. Why should coma/language.ss have jump?

Maybe coma/language.ss should just be about partial evaluation: all
control flow stuff should be goine.  This means it should not know
about CW JW EXIT

But.. Let's fix that later.  Now take out things that conflict.

It's probably best to make the languages include each other, and later
separate out disjoint parts:

   core < language < coma < control < comp

Ok.. This compiles, but there are still problems with the toplevel
namespace using staaplc.  Maybe i should just continue and take the
mutation also out of the forth code?

Another thing (now that i've re-discovered the "run" button) : how to
test comp.ss?

Seems there are still some problems..  It's probably best to make this
into a linear chain of extensions, to make sure a parent module
doesn't import a non-modified deeper core module.  This should include
the assemblers.