Sun Apr 19 19:45:44 CEST 2009

the real problem

Currently I'm using late binding for some behaviour, both for
assembler and for macros : they behave as mutable nodes.

I'd like to turn this into a declarative structure.

Maybe i should have a look at PLT Scheme's unit facility to tackle
this one..

  Units organize a program into separately compilable and reusable
  components. The imports and exports of a unit are grouped into a
  signature, which can include “static” information (such as macros)
  in addition to placeholders for run-time values.

Is this different than before?  If they do export static information,
it's basicly what I'm looking for.

Compiler template + Machine description -> Compiler


Could be signatures (plug-in interfaces):
   - machine model (cw,jw,qw + basic macros)
   - compiler core (control flow graph construction vs. "label")