Sat Apr 11 13:35:40 CEST 2009

combined asm dasm

From the same form both asm and dasm can be generated:

box> (asm/dasm-lambda-tx #'(add (a b) "0101 aaaa" "bbbb bbbb"))
 (lambda (a b) (list (asm+ a 4 5) b))
 (lambda (temp70 temp71)
   (let-values (((temp72 a) (disassemble/values '(4 4) temp70))
                ((b) (disassemble/values '(8) temp71)))
     (and (= temp72 5) (list a b)))))

next: cleanup tools.ss dictionary.ss

Now it's important to not mess up the way the disassembler is
integrated.  'dasm-find is no longer possible (we can't distinguish
based on a single word).

This probably means that the following lineage needs to disappear:

 disassemble->word (asm/tools.ss)
 tsee              (live/tethered.ss)

Let's start at dasm-register!

Ok: need to repair dasm-find and dasm-register!

Let's have them introduce toplevel bindings, but also register these
in a dynamic namespace (or use eval?)

I'm loosing oversight.