Sat Mar 28 13:03:08 CET 2009

RTL eforth (RISC portability through macros)

There are a lot of operations that are reused between primitives:
  * stack push/pop
  * register/memory store/fetch

It might be interesting to write eForth completely in terms of these
primitives, not the forth ones, or divise forth primitive MACROS for

The main idea is that not WORDS should be the basis, but MACROS that
generate primitive operations: write in terms of a generic register

With just memory access, optimizations could be made: register instead
of ram, indirection, etc..

So the main idea is: how to _automatically_ map a RISC machine (memory
+ MIMO logic blocks) to a Forth VM.

EDIT: the problem with this is that all code needs to be implemented
with registers, without using the "locals" construct that is so
convenient.  It requires knowledge of addressing modes and operator