Sat Feb 21 11:24:39 CET 2009


I need to get organized..  It's difficult at this time to pick a
target, so here's a list.  First, the practical things that need to

   * USB driver + driver generator.
   * Better error reporting.
   * A logic analyser.

Then what I would like:

   * C parser + prettyprinter in typed scheme.
   * Use it to refactor PacketForth code.
   * Staapl core in typed scheme.
   * Understand the Ziggurat paper
   * Static semantics for Staapl forth.
   * Understand Tony Garnock-Jones' packrat parser.
   * Definitive state-machine abstraction.
   * A pure stack VM for implementing Occam primitives.
   * A macro-extensible static subset of (typed) Scheme that maps to C.