Fri Jan 23 18:17:07 CET 2009

genoeg gezaagd..

Time to get going again.  What's on the plate?

  - theory:

      * see above. complete the story. it's about macros and how
        forth/lisp fit into that picture.

      * bridge to C.  For commercial non-sealed applications, that's
        the only plug point.  Targets: AVR 8bit, DSPic 16bit and
        ARM/MIPS 32bit.

  - practical:

      * High-bandwidth communication.  I've been toying with ideas
        like CANbus, Ethernet and RS422/485 but it's probably best to
        stick to USB and build a router for serial protocols.  Also,
        USB is usable for other things, definitely for the systems
        programming I'm doing lately.  Also see:


      * PICkit bugfixes.  It's mostly working, but it still crashes.
        Get rid of the 'uart hack' by looking at the actual output of
        the chip.  Setup some logic analyser.

   - education:

      * Get kids involved.  I've been aiming too much at trying to
        convince already fixed-minded embedded engineers.  Fuck them.
        Get some fresh minds in the picture.