Mon Dec 15 13:35:14 CET 2008


It would be nice if ^C resets the device while PK2 is being used.

Ok: did this: Theres a parameter "tethered-reset" that provides target
reset for a specific target IO mechanism.  For serial ports, this is
just the "cold" monitor command.  For PK2 this is an external reset.

This is driven by the console: whenever a user break arrives during
the execution of a command, (command "cold") is executed.  User break
during read-line is ignored.

It isn't very robust though.  For normal use it seems to work, but
interrupting commands like "4 kb" doesn't work that well.  Also, when
there is no console, there's no way to stop the console.

Ok.. After a reset, the console checks if "OK" works.  If not, it will

Hmm.. It's messed up now..
Re-flashing helped.. Probably something got killed.

OK. This is good enough.