Sun Nov 23 08:47:48 CET 2008


The next big hurdle is USB.  But it might be interesting to setup some
design flow documents showing a test-centered design approach.

* Bootloader + serial cable.  Flash once + enable boot protect.  All
  application code is loaded in incremental mode.

* PK2.  Flash application (whole program).  Incremental code mainly
  for debugging.

In the previous approach I used relative addressing to modify fields
in buffers.  Is this the right abstraction?  Going back to the radical
roots, I think I saw an interview with Chuck Moore about not using
C-like structures, but something else..  Is there anything there?

What is filling in a struct?  It is like calling a procedure and
passing parameters.  Procedures use the stack in Forth, so is there a
correspondence here?