Sat Nov 22 15:10:42 CET 2008

pk2 console works

That's a milestone.  There's a slight problem however: detection of
ICD cable.. It would be nice to keep the same idle line detection as
for ordinary serial ports.

Another disadvantage is that it doesn't fit in 512 bytes, but for
applications that need it the boot block could be compacted.  And,
with the pk2 attached, a messed up bootloader isn't so problematic, so
one could run without boot-protect making fixed-size loaders not

Next: reset pk2 with ICD2 PGC line high.

Probably something like this: send a single command buffer that
switches the target on + switches to uart mode.

Maybe it's best to use the following logic: before connecting, the
serial line acts as an interrupt input.  Initially the line is in BRK,
and upon reception of a 0->1 transition (BRK->IDLE) the interpreter is
started, waiting for a start bit (0).

But.. that uses an isr, and is thus quite invasive..

Let's see.. If we can start target with the PGC output high, then it's
already ok.

Hmm.. can't get it to work atm.