Thu Nov 20 08:36:38 CET 2008

tools ready

Everything seems to be in place now after move.  Still don't have
internet, but at least the PC in my workspace has USB working.  No
more excuses for procrastination.  Time to do some serious work now.

next: PK2 serial

First: make the PK2 accessible from toplevel.  Currently I have to use

box> (enter! "staapl/pickit2/pk2.ss")
box> (boot)
loading PICkit2 device file.
pk2-open: PICkit 2 Microcontroller Programmer

(define (test-uart)
  (let loop ()
    (display ".")
    (uart-write #x55)
    (sleep 1)

There are several things wrong.  First, VDD is not connected.

OK. At 300 baud, hardware loopback works.

next: make buffer work

OK: sending is a sync channel, receiving is an async channel (we can't
block target).

next: bitbanged serial over the ICD2 ports