Tue Nov 11 12:16:38 CET 2008


Going to standardize the colorscheme for ICD/serial, following the
thing that's already in my head: On the master side: orange = hot
(TX), yellow = cold (RX).  Orange is then clock (always out), while
yellow is data (sometimes in).  This makes sense.

( I never thought I'd loose so much time on connectors.. Or on fitting
the stuff in my head.. Is it straight or reversed? RX or TX?  I.e. the
ICD connector is a bus with a well-defined master, while async serial
is a symmetric point-to-point link, so we assign a master to avoid
colors to cross, which means slave has inverted colors. )

  ICD2    serial           color

1 /MCLR                    white
2 VDD                      red
3 GND                      black
4 PGD     RX  (<- target)  yellow
5 PGC     TX  (-> target)  orange