Sat Oct 18 15:08:14 CEST 2008

higher bandwidth to PC

I.e. for simple logic analyser..

* USB: Relatively simple hardware, but driver software is complex.
  This is on the list, but not available yet.  Disadvantage is polled
  nature (not client driven).

* ETHERNET: Simpler software, but little more complicated hw.  What is
  necessary to get the ENC28J60 ethernet chips going?  Hmm.. I don't
  have transformers, 1% resistors, rj45 connectors and 3.3 V
  regulators.  Order?  Disadvantage: components.

* PC ISA.  Can this be done without address decoder chips (using a
  single address bit on a dedicated machine?)  If so, it's a possible
  solution.  If not, other interfaces are probably better.  Probably
  best with PSP port on 40pin devices.  What with DMA?  Disadvantage
  is compatibility.

* ATA. PIO-0 might be feasible?  Try to figure out if a standard linux
  driver can be used.  Might have some protocol overhead.

* The FTDI chips allow for more elaborate modes than just async
  serial.  I have a bunch of them..  Is there a linux driver that
  allows more lowlevel access?  The linux driver allows 'warp' rate
  460800, which would be 8 channels at 46.08kbit, which is probably
  enough for now, and should be straightforward to get going.  The
  driver also supports a custom divisor.

* CANbus.  I've ordered a bunch of PICs with CANbus support, and some
  line drivers.  The problem here is interface to PC, it needs a
  separate bus.