Sun Oct 12 20:07:20 CEST 2008

Staapl selling points

I'm gearing up to try to sell Staapl to trench dwellers.  I need an
attack plan..  Particular language needs to be adapted to the public,
but the real selling points need to be clear.

* The console.

A console is something to control parameters, preventing recompile.

In practice, everybody developing embedded apps provides a console.
Usually this is done in an ad-hoc way, adding just the
reconfigurability that is necessary.  Lisp and Forth remove this
ad-hoc feature: the console is a keyboard connected to a full
language, giving a short edit-compile-test cycle.

* Pattern matching, closures,

Useful for building language transformers

* Closures, macro hygiene and declarative modules.

Tools for namespace management.

EDIT: After one week in the mud, I think I'm going to try to scale
down the expectation a bit..  You can't sell functional programming.