Fri Oct 10 08:02:52 CEST 2008

staapl pickit interactive

Looks like programming is working, time to clean it up a bit.  Some
things that need to work:

       1. accessible from console (reload project: 'init-prj)
       2. verify!

The namespace management thing is a bit confusing..  How does the
console fit in this?  Can it execute commands that can change the
current project?  It should.

   Interaction: all identifiers necessary for interaction reside in
                the namespace object.

The problem with this is that the command parsing will depend
completely on the wrapped namespace.  Where is the conflict?

  + There should be some toplevel entity that can kill a project and
    reload it without having to reload core compiler components, or
    that can keep multiple projects active.

  + Projects should be self-contained, and not influence this top
    level manager.

  + The console should have access to the toplevel management.

  - Currently, console is per project.

Solution: provide an escape hatch per project: install a command that
will evaluate an expression in the toplevel context?

Now, the problem is: some commands will disconnect the target.  How to
cope with that? Currently the 'OK is provided by a sync to the
target..  Maybe the concept of connection should be
re-established.. So, add another bullet:

  - Currently, console assumes connection.

So, what is the model?  The console interacts to a machine, but the
machine is variable ('login' to another project / device) and it
includes a mode where commands don't work since there is no target
connected.  However, we want to keep the illusion we're on the target