Sun Sep 14 21:32:21 CEST 2008

How not to sell a language

OK.  Different strategy.  I need to use two different points of view.
There seems to be too much a divide between CS and EE to try to
explain everything from a single point.

It's important to try to build a community around the practical
aspects of Staapl, ignoring the ``exotic lambda domain'', and to
complement this with metaprogramming internals.

The documentation as it is now is already somewhat partitioned in
these two classes.  It just needs to be made more clear:

    * The general idea behind Staapl metaprogramming for PLT Scheme.
    * The reference guide for the Scheme API.
    * Some articles on the blog.
    * The excellent PLT Scheme documentation.

    * An overview of the PIC18 macro Forth dialect.
    * A practical tutorial about interactive tethered development.
    * A tutorial about writing a low-level DSL using bottom up programming with procedures and macros.