Tue Sep 9 15:10:14 CEST 2008

concatenative email

Hello folks,

I'm trying to write a paper about the core idea of Staapl from the
perspective of concatenative code rewriting, and how a particular
_implementation_ of this gives a convenient applicative -> concatenative
metaprogramming framework.

These two blog posts try to explain the mechanism:


As side information a post that deals with the 'impedance match'
between Scheme and the concatenative macro language, based on
pattern matching and quasiquotation:


I'm wondering mostly if this makes sense..  While using the abstractions
in real life works beautifully, I have great trouble trying to explain
in a few words why this all works so well.

Basicly, it's the interplay of:
  * pattern matching for destruction/construction of stack machine code
  * using this for eager partial evaluation implementing rewrite rules
  * macro hygiene and lexical closures

Any comment welcome.
(Best one gets a free PIC kit ;)