Mon Sep 8 17:56:49 CEST 2008


I wanted to send this to the list before I ran into



I'd like to figure out a way to install (platform specific) wrapper
scripts that call the main entry point of an application stored on

I.e. the Staapl compiler has a command line front-end that can be
invoked as:

        mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl -- <compiler arguments>

But for convenience i'd like to wrap this in a script called 'sc':

        exec mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl -- "$@"

Now, I wonder if there's a way to do this so that it "just works" on
all platforms supported by PLT Scheme, after doing something like:

        sudo mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl/install

Also, is it possible to generate some progress report during
installation of a package?  I understand the default of quiet is to be
preferred in many cases, but this seems to confuse people.. (Is there
really something happening??)  Maybe as a flag for the 'planet'