Fri Aug 29 18:45:21 CEST 2008

PICkit2 UART mode

Apparently, READ_STATUS clears the uart mode.. This gives a nice

  (ENTER_UART_MODE (baud 300))
  (DOWNLOAD_DATA (build-list 60 (lambda _ #x55))))

Baud calc is correct too.
Measured 35ms pulse distance which is about 30Hz.

Hardware loopback works too.

Bootstrap roadmap:

  * Connect the ISP and UART pins on the target together, so current
    monitor can be used.

  * Set up host side data connection.

  * Implement target side bit-banged serial.

  * Support native programming so we can go from full recompile &
    upload straight to interaction without external tools.

Maybe it's actually easier to setup programming first.  Let's have a

How to request device ID?  A script?  Yes, looks like it.