Fri Aug 29 17:30:54 CEST 2008

standard programming cable


  When I designed the Inchworm (ICD2) and more recently the Junebug
  (PK2) I recall why I choose the 2x5

  The RJ12 on the Microchip ICD2 does not have 0.1" pinning
  (breadboards & protoboards are usually 0.1")

  The 1x6 female header on the PICkit 2 IMO simply comes loose to
  easily plus its not readly designed for use with a programming cable
  (the Junebug has a 16pin extended version available)

  Some clones use a 1x5 (the prehistoric PGM pin is omitted) polarized
  male header, you need a crimp tool to build them. There is also no
  strain relief so you have to be careful.

  Other clones use a 2x5 male header and IDC cable. This is the system
  my kits use.

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Robust the IDC cable has strain reliefs
  3. Reliable on my kits I double up the connections
  4 Can be assembled easily a small vice works well
  5 Can be used on a solderless breadboard (the doubled connections work well here)

Looks like a plan.