Sun Aug 24 11:10:42 CEST 2008

second documentation pass

Let's look at the available documentation.  Is it any good?  The first
thing that comes to mind is: "How clear is the purpose?"

Not very I think..  This should be paragraph #1.

Let's fix the introduction first.

  * Stack machine model: can keep fine granularity on to very low
    complexity hardware.  This influences code size and processor
    complexity.  RISC has a factorization problem due to the global
    nature of registers.  Abstracting small machines as stack machines
    is feasible, since thy are usually not too engrained in the
    register model.  ( Is this really so? Get data about popularity. )

  * Concatenative language model built on top of this: simple
    framework for staging and partial evaluation, alternative to
    lambda calculus.