Tue Aug 19 16:31:56 CEST 2008

The s-exp language

Maybe it's best to force the s-exp language into something really
distinct from Forth, to make it less confusing.  The idea in the end
is that instantiation is arbitrary: the current differences between
macros and forth, the latter allowing fallthrough and local exit etc,
are better captured somewhere else.

Quotations that are not instantiated can be instantiated and
associated to an execution token.  For 8-bit this gives 256

So, can instantiation be automated? This would give a cleaner language
semantics.  In that case, manual instantiation is no longer necessary,
and can be classified as merely an optimization hint.

When not to instantiate?
  - doesn't produce compilable code    <- easy to check
  - if inlining produces BETTER code   <- needs a measure