Tue Aug 12 09:37:14 CEST 2008


Trying a different kind of announce here..


Announcing the recent release of Staapl, a library for metaprogramming

It is centered around the concept of an ``unrolled'' Forth language
tower, impedance-matched to PLT Scheme's declarative module system,
and uses a stack-based pattern language to implement primitives for
code generation, partial evaluation of the pure functional target
language subset and parameterized metaprogramming.

The representation language is a thin layer on top of Scheme
implementing a concatenative language with threaded state which can be
used independently of Staapl.

Current implementation contains a Forth syntax frontend to the
concatenative macro language, a backend code generator for Microchip's
PIC18 architecture, a tethered interaction system, and a test
application implementing a sound synthesizer.

Download & Documentation at http://zwizwa.be/staapl