Tue Aug 12 09:11:43 CEST 2008


Maybe it's a good idea to leave the standard Forth idea alone for a
while.  It is definitely doable and an interesting challenge, but at
this moment, there are probably more useful things to focus on.
Additionaly, having two different paradigms for Forth might be
needlessly confusing.  So let's move on.  To do:

  * Staapler

     - just continue the roadmap. next goal = device ID readout.

  * Reference documentation

     - The forms 'patterns 'compositions and 'substitutions.

  * Internal language standard

     - control flow primitives: document this when writing the 14 bit
       core port.

     - standard library: I'm not sure if this is useful yet.  Probably
       best to wait and see until there are more targets.  It would be
       nice to be able to share most of the monitor code though.