Mon Aug 11 08:01:12 BST 2008


To arduino or not?  It would sure help popularity, but I'm afraid it
will shift focus too much toward AVR, and leave PIC in the shadow.
I've invested quite some time in getting familiar with Microchip's
architectures, to for the tool as a whole, it might be better to stick
to that single architecture until most of the highlevel workflow and
interoperation design reflects my knowledge there.  This is
nontrivial: it includes the whole monitor.f + thethered.ss chain.

Standard Forth frontend or not?  It might help to get more people
interested, but would distract from the original idea.  If I find a
proper way to combine standard Forth with the current approach so they
can interoperate, and provide metaprogramming support only for the
standard one, it might work though.

Usage statistics.  I have no control over the PLaneT version.  How to
find out usage stats?  Maybe the PLaneT version should download
updates?  Or, I could put the installer in PLaneT only?