Sat Aug 9 17:54:17 BST 2008

Staapler roadmap

Eventual Staapler goals are:

  * standardize on ICD2 connector for interactive debugging and get
    rid of serial connector.
  * add both LVP and HVP through ICD2 connector
  * create Staapler bootstrap method using parport prog

To bootstrap Staapler itself, this approach can be used:

 (1) Standardize all PIC development on ICD2 connector only.  Create a
     protocol for bi-directional serial communication on top of
     master-slave Microchip programmer protocol.

 (2) Build two Staapler boards A and B with ICD2+serial input (or
     Staapler + one other board with just ICD2+serial input)

 (3) Connect A's serial output to B's serial input and devise
     patch-through code.  This process then gives a workflow for
     working with multiple projects (namespace) at the same time.

 (4) Build the ICD2 comm master on A and ICD2 slave on B, using the
     serial->serial patchthrough for B development.

Independently after (3)

 (5) Connect A's ICD2 output to B's ICD2 input and write PIC LV
     programmer code.

 (6) Use programmer code to emulate a minimalistic parport programmer.

 (7) Write host-side bootstrap code for PC parport programmer.

 (8) Staapler v2: add support for charge pump + USB, write HV
     programmer code, add support for different busses (for networked