Sat Aug 9 13:46:38 BST 2008

ICD2 + serial?

Is it possible to combine the programmer port and the serial port into
a single connector?  If the hardware flow control pins can be used,
this could work.  I believe the FTDI chip has a bitbang mode too,
which could be useful.

serial   ICD2
GND      GND
VCC      VCC

DTE = master (Data terminal equipment)
DCE = slave (Data circuit-terminating equipment)

RTS = requirest to send
CTS = clear to send

Using standard serial, there are only 2 output lines: TXD and RTS.
The microchip protocol needs at least 2, clock and data, assuming the
MCLR and PGM pins are set correctly.

Maybe the best approach is really to stick with the ICD2 connector,
and device a protocol on top of that.