Tue Aug 5 15:19:12 CEST 2008

return stack

Thomas Pornin:

  "ANS doesn't require the return stack to consist of stackable
   elements...  What ANS specifies is that, for each activation
   context, there is a stack-like storage area in which you may write
   celle values with >R, and get them back with R>. But these values
   are accessible only from the word itself, not from the caller and
   neither from the callees. Moreover, you are supposed to clean that
   stack before exiting from the word."

Elizabeth D Rather:

  "Exactly.  A standard system must have a Return Stack whose entries
   are the same size as cells and data stack items.  And it must
   respond to >R, R@, and R>. What the standard *doesn't* require is
   that the system must use it for return addresses.

This is interesting. I didn't know that. This means it's probably best
to rename my 'x' stack to the 'r' stack. Anyways, i've removed all
references to 'r' so it can be added easily. Also, x will be renamed
to x@.