Tue Aug 5 13:10:00 CEST 2008

Derived Forth

Let's concentrate the ideas from the previous post. To create a
derived Forth, create a separate namespace that is a child of the one
we build on top of. The language is then defined though a
parameterized forth-begin-tx such that:

 * 'derived-forth-begin uses only only (macro _) and (target _)
   namespaces for direct reference and definition.

 * the corresponding prefix macros in (macro _) map to (macro) for
   implementing functionality.

 * all (macro _) forms are accessible in the (macro) namespace through
   their direct mapping xxx -> _/xxx, but the (macro _) namespace is
   completely isolated from (macro).

Once this works, maybe the current 'live mode can be written as a
compile mode? But it's not really necessary, since it probably doesnt
require toplevel forms. Unless we allow definitions in the live
mode.. Maybe it is a cleaner model..