Thu Jul 31 16:58:15 CEST 2008

14 bit arch

How to add a new architecture?

 - create an assembler description
 - add some pseudo ops for stack manipulation
 - write metapatterns for the arithmetic and logic operations
 - connect code to purrr like purrr.ss (so 'forth-compile can be used)
 - connect the assembler

Works pretty well. Now trying to restructure it a bit..
After fixing bug in meta-pattern which prevented the use of (macro:
...) and some minor cleanup, the 14bit core seems to work.

box> (forth-compile ": foo 123 + ;") (print-code)
	0000 307B [movlw 123]
	0001 0780 [addwf INDF 1]
	0002 0008 [return]

I'm taking a different approach for MC14: no intermediate instructions
except for the ones used in purrr. See where I get..