Sat Jul 26 09:26:22 CEST 2008

cleanup dist + docs

- make sure examples are in planet dist
- clean docs + add to planet dist

examples. there are 3

  * compile + burn monitor
  * compile only synth
  * start only repl

REPL is moved to core and renamed to staapl/prj/pic18-repl while the
examples are now written as modules and accessible through

  mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl/examples/upload-monitor
  mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl/examples/build-synth

Next is to cleanup the docs. Maybe the Purrr manual should be moved to
scribble too? This would allow some testing + documentation of live

For the Forth doc, it would be nice to write a small macro for
evaluating chunks of literal forth code.