Thu Jul 24 12:04:55 CEST 2008

old web site

  To understand the development approach and the current form of the
  source code, it might be necessary to see it in the right context. I
  am an electrical engineer working mostly on embedded control and
  signal processing projects. I seek to optimize the development
  process of highly specialized software for embedded systems by small
  groups of 1 to 3 people. I got fed up with ad-hoc methods of
  metaprogramming and code generation that I see used in this
  engineering subculture, and decided to build a clean system on a
  solid base that can be understood and used by a single electrical
  engineer with an open mind towards modern programming language
  technology. I am not a programming language theorist, and if you
  want to use Staapl, you don't need to be either.

  The current emphasis is on work towards Purrr, a stand-alone
  standard Forth layer for generic microcontroller architectures, and
  Purrr18 an interactive tethered cross-compiled Forth dialect
  designed for the 8-bit Microchip PIC18 Microcontroller. Future goals
  include the design of a linear concatenative language as a successor
  or drop-in replacement for
  the <a href="http://zwizwa.be/packetforth">Packet Forth</a>
  interpreter, and the design of a declarative Scheme derived
  data-flow language to implement DSP functionality on a
  microcontroller or DSP processor. Eventually I want to cover the
  whole spectrum of tiny 8-bit microcontrollers to 32-bit machines
  that can run unix with an integrated language tree based on Forth
  and Scheme dialects, and an interaction system that can handle live
  software updates and debugging for distributed embedded