Wed Jul 23 14:01:16 CEST 2008


Synth doesn't work. Time to get piklab-prog to work without having to
re-plug the board: using run etc.. OK

The problem seems to be in the binary code chunking: the first chunk
it produces is correct, but the remaining ones are not:

(map car (car *bin*))
(576 0 688 48 50 2142)

The problem is data chunks. How do they end up in the code? The
problem is conversion of words to binary: this should take only code
words. the error is in 'target-chain->bin : added a realm filter.

Looks like there's still a problem: there are 3 code chunks remaining

box> (map car (car (bin)))
(576 688 2142)

The problem could be that data chunks do not get disconnected. Looks
like that was it: added 'terminate-chain after variable macro.

Ok, booted the synth, but it doesn't work properly. This means i get a
chance to test some of the debug features.

There's something wrong with the 2nd instruction 089A E1B3 [bpz _L717
1]. The address is way off. 3 is correct, but where does the 'B' come
from? (It should be E103).

compile> : boo 0 xor z? if -1 else 0 then ;
command> print-code
	0898 0A00 [xorlw 0]
	089A E1B3 [bpz _L717 1]
	089C 6EEC [dup]
	089E 0EFF [movlw -1]
	08A0 D002 [jsr 1 _L718]

	08A2 6EEC [dup]
	08A4 0E00 [movlw 0]
	08A6 0012 [return 0]

The 3 above looks like it's accidental.

compile> : boo z? if 123 then
command> print-code
	08A8 E1AC [bpz _L719 1]
	08AA 6EEC [dup]
	08AC 0E7B [movlw 123]

This should be E102

Let's go back to only the monitor.

This is a problem with this:
 (bpc      (p R)     "1110 001p RRRR RRRR")
 (bpn      (p R)     "1110 011p RRRR RRRR")
 (bpov     (p R)     "1110 010p RRRR RRRR")
 (bpz      (p R)     "1110 000p RRRR RRRR")

wich i thought was fixed. This line was wrong:
   (([flag? opc p] [qw l] or-jump)     ([,opc (flip p) l]))

compile> : foo z? if 123 then
command> print-code
	0240 E102 [bpz 1 _L184]
	0242 6EEC [dup]
	0244 0E7B [movlw 123]

It works!