Mon Jul 21 12:46:48 CEST 2008

snot repls

 - compilation repl OK
 - parser + interaction repl OK
 - polish commands.ss

It's probably more useful to only keep track of assembly code that's
not been uploaded or saved yet. So I'm changing pic18.ss moving
kill-bin! to kill-code!

Upload is working from console now.

Next: load .f files into the namespace using something a little less
raw than "load <filename>". This requires to move a piece of code from
forth/parser-tx.ss to forth/lexer.ss ... In order to get the relative
loading to work properly, forth-load/compile just expands to the
'load' word + filename inlined as string.

One more thing: in order to be able to use 'load' in the interactive
console, one needs to have access to reflective operations. So this
should work:

(define (forth-load filename)
  (eval `(forth-load/compile ,filename)))

This seems to work. I put it in live/reflection.ss

Next: mark (hmm.. lot of this convenience stuff needs to be